Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of the ComNpay solution

Who installs the ComNpay interface on my website?

With ComNpay, you are entirely autonomous. Once you have received your subscription and confirmed your contract, we will send you everything needed to integrate your payment page into your website quickly and easily. The technical documentation provided describes all the steps required to integrate your payment page on your website.

How long does it take to install the ComNpay interface on my website?

Once you have retrieved your access codes from your dedicated space, you can configure your payment solution in just a few clicks. It will then take around 15 minutes to install the ComNpay payment page on your website.

How do I install ComNpay on my website?

No special software or devices need to be installed: the technical documentation provided is very explicit. An example of an integration process is described on the first page: “single click integration" to integrate the payment page on your website, just follow the instructions shown in the technical documentation. If you encounter problems during the integration process, our technical support staff are there to help you

I can't install the ComNpay solution on my website, can you help me?

Our technical support team, will provide you with all the help you need to install the payment module.

What is the difference between the PSP and the API modules?

PSP: the payment form solution (PSP) allows anyone to use the ComNpay solution in their merchant website. You just need to use one of the libraries present in documentation to implement a configurable and powerful payment solution quickly and easily.

API: the API solution lets you call our web services directly from your system. The library is provided for simplified integration. In either case, please call our Webmaster. If you encounter problems during the integration process, our technical support staff are there to help you

Use of cookies

Why cookies are required on ComNpay via the payment page?

We use the session system (PHPSESSID available in cookies) to exchange information safely. If cookies are disabled, all normal operation of payment on ComNpay is impossible.

Can I enable cookies on my browser?

Do not worry, you can activate / deactivate cookies on your browser at any time.

Enable cookies on Firefox :

In Firefox, open Settings > Options > Privacy tab. Under History, from the drop-down menu, select Use custom settings for history. You can now select the Cookies options you want. Under Cookies you will see the options to manage your Cookie settings and choose which kind of Cookies you wish to allow or disallow on your Windows computer.

Enable cookies on Internet Explorer :

Open Internet Explorer and click the Tools button. Next click Internet Options and select the Privacy tab. Under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click Apply.

Enable cookies on Chrome :

To disable or enable Cookies on Chrome, click the Tools button > Settings. Towards the end of this page, you will see Show Advanced Settings link. Click on it. Under Privacy, click on the Content Settings button. Here you can select the options you feel are best suited for you. You can click on the images to see the larger versions.